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'Ricky' Ferrero in Africa, Portugal and Spain. A journey of 30 days and more than 800 km.

23-04-2023 - Por Juan Ricardo Ferrero

In order to run and walk 832 kms. between Africa and Europe, Juan Ricardo Ferrero left for those two distant continents in mid-February. He did it via Lisbon (Portugal), then a flight to the island of Sao Tomé and Príncipe (sovereign African country) to compete in the fourth edition of the Global Limits of the Hemisphere.

From 19 to 24 he ran 200 kilometers in 6 self-sufficient stages. Time: 30 hours, 25 minutes. From there he returned to Lisbon to start his own challenge: Unite Portugal and Spain through the so-called Central Portuguese Way, his 650.20 project that he carried out from February 28 to March 19. A total of 632 kilometers of route, from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela.

In this regard, "Ricky" tells us: "The truth is that counting so many experiences together is very difficult, since there are many days of walking, running and walking, but; I will try to summarize the experience a bit."

"From South America to reach Africa, it means a whole journey; two continental flights, time change and weather. Sao Tomé is on the Equator line and Greenwich almost crosses it. At the end of the race, the last stage we crossed the Equator 4 times .

I arrived on time, two days before competing, without adaptation, a real problem, since there you run with 90% humidity and temperatures of 35 degrees, minimum. Hell, just breathe. The island is located in the Gulf of Guinea. The first two stages cost me a lot; then I started running at my own pace. It is so that I just started to pay from the third to the last.

Running on the island in its jungle landscapes; they are indescribable, the people of Africa are very particular, they are shy and respectful. The impeccable organization; doctors, camps, etc. A very good experience. My final position was 11th overall, just a few minutes behind ninth place.

Portuguese Way. On February 28, after his return to Lisbon, he left for Compostela. "There were 20 days, 20 stages at an average of more than 30 kilometers per day of walking and some jogging. The most important towns and cities that I crossed: Coimbra, Santarém, Porto. Data, anecdotes, hostels, etc. Everything is in my blog or social media pages, it would take too long to name them here.

It was a wonderful experience; not my first Camino -in 2017 I did Sarria-Santiago for the French and in October 2022 I completed the Camino from Saint Jean Pied de Port Francia to Finisterre (Spain) in 21 days. I already had experience, this was more comfortable for me".

Most of the Portuguese travels through this country, little from Spain. Its landscapes are similar, a little less uneven, but with ups and downs, old towns, livestock and agricultural regions and everything that surrounds it.

I have arrived in Santiago de Compostela for the third time in my life, I do not rule out others; but, there are plans for the future that will take me to other places, he finally points out.


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